Structural Designs in Residential Buildings


Structural Drawings

Structural design and residential construction are tasks executed by a contractor, architect, structural engineer. At times the consumer may also be part of the structural design process. Residential construction is a complicated process, and many consumers and professionals turn to a structural analysis software program to assist with the structural design process.

Structural analysis software programs contain a wide variety of building design applications. Beam design, footing design, and column design are all included in quality structural analysis software.

Why is a Structural Design necessary?

The structural design of a building is critical to the structure’s stability. One misplaced column or beam can result in property damage, personal injury, or collapse of the building. Structural design programs assist the designer in creating a stable, attractive residential design that fits the needs of the consumer.

The structural design of a residential building is much more than a floor plan and aesthetic design. It is also a blueprint for a sound structure that is designed to withstand the forces of nature, the effect of the residents, and the ravages of time.

How do Structural Design help in Residential Construction?

Time is of immense important for a contractor working on a tight schedule to complete and deliver a well-designed and sturdily built house that meets the needs of the consumer since most of the contractors are hired with a fixed budget in mind.

Consumers want to get the maximum value for the money they invest on building a house. Structural designs help in achieving this.

  • Discover design errors – Errors in the structural design of a residential construction project can be costly for both the contractor and the homeowner. Structural analysis helps eliminate design errors before a single brick is laid or the first nail is driven.
  • Better planning leads to less confusion – Verbal communication of last minute changes to the structural design of a residence can lead to confusion for the building contractor. With structural analysis, these last minute changes are quickly and easily integrated into the existing residential construction plan.
  • Better budget planning - Every homeowner wants a home that does not drain his or her bank account. Knowing in advance the structural design of a residence in relation to budget allocated for the residential construction helps avoid any unforeseen expenses .

Use of Structural Analysis Softwares

Structural analysis softwares help avoid problems in the structural design of the home, thereby reducing the cost of construction by eliminating the need for alterations during the construction phase. Construction can be completed more quickly and smoothly when the homeowners or building contractors decide to use a structural analysis software program.