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Our blog links have undergone a lot of changes. In case you followed the link of a house design / house plan and have landed on this page, we request you to visit the Gallery on our Website. We have also uploaded some of the plans on here on the blog for easy access.

The architects at Apnaghar can create house plans according to your requirements. There are various types of house designs in India and Indian Subcontinent. Prominent features of the most common ones are given below.


Simplex House Designs are meant for single storey houses with usually no construction above ground floor. These houses are ideal for small families or elderly couples. They typically have low maintenance and low upkeep costs.

simplex house designs at apnaghar


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Catering to the needs of bigger families/joint families, where every member needs his or her own personal space, a Duplex House Design must be chosen with great care so that they can accommodate requirements such as expansion and modification. These double storied houses are even preferred by HNI’s (High Net-worth Individuals) to house spaces such as terrace garden or a home theater.

duplex house design

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Designed for extended families, connoisseurs of open spaces or the uber rich, these Triplex House Designs are not only created keeping the typical requirements that a customer may have, but special care is taken at the time of designing to make the house stand out and be noticed.

triplex house design

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Meant for the small families and the economical spender, ApnaGhar provides Affordable House Designs with plans and 3D Elevations priced as low as INR 15,000. These plans are specially designed to ensure minimum cost of construction and material used, at the same time retaining individuality.

affordable house design


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Luxurious spaces, sprawling lawns and spacious indoors mark ApnaGhar’s Bungalow House Designs. Meant for those who love luxury, and would go the extra mile to add on to the vanity factor, these homes are ideal for repats and HNI’s,

BUNGALOW house design

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ApnaGhar provides ready-made as well as custom plans and 3D Elevations for homes containing independent floors, designed to appear as a single unit on the exterior, but functioning as separate apartments from within. It is ideal for large families who want to live together, yet maintain independence within their own nuclear units, a common occurrence in India.

Independent Floor designs

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