Elevation Drawings: What are They and Why do you Need Elevation Drawings?

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Houses, buildings, and other structures may be made of concrete and cement, but they are never lifeless. From the owner to the builder, the contractor to the designer, the mason to the draughtsman – the blueprints of a project pass several hands before it reaches fruition. When there is a lot of thought and intricate planning that goes into building them, they are bound to be multi-dimensional in nature. It is for this reason that structures are studied, interpreted, and understood in three different dimensions and that is where Elevation Drawings are important.

The critical dimensions to the structure

Buildings and houses are analysed at various levels along three different dimensions; the floor plans, the elevation drawings, and the cross sectional view. While the floor plans and the cross sectional views play their own pivotal role in the planning and construction, a close perusal of the elevations are just as critical. After all, we are all concerned about the external aesthetics.

Why are elevation drawings important?

Elevation drawings reflect the exterior of the house or building from all four sides, the front, the rear, and the two sides. They define what the structure will look like on the outside and include details like the type materials to be used. Apart from an aesthetic angle, the elevation drawings are what ultimately help the builder get the necessary clearances, as the municipal authorities study the elevation drawings before deciding if they are in accordance with different regulations.

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(Source: ApnaGhar)

The exterior may be just a facade but a lot of careful thought needs to go into beautifying and fortifying this facade. A better understanding of what your exterior needs can be got from a 3D projection of the elevation from all perspectives. Architects and designers support builders in various turnkey projects by providing cladding material, fabrication, paneling, facade sheathing, landscaping, and much more. India has witnessed many different facade contractors sprouting up in the recent past, each with expertise in different types of cladding including for the ceiling, doors, windows, balconies, gate, railing etc.

Architects and construction experts provide all the expertise and support that you need to make your home or office as classy, majestic, stylish, and beautiful as you want it to be, at the same time making sure that it is suitably fortified and secure.